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The Cheng Library Wants You to Win an iPad Mini!

By Mark Sandford

Staff Writer

The Cheng Library is reaching out to all members of the William Paterson community for help improving our services. You may have already received an email asking you to take our online survey at, but the survey is open to all students, faculty and staff. Library staff will analyze the results and identify areas for improvement—as well as what the library already does well.

This marks the fourth time the Library has administered the survey; the first was in 2005, and was followed up in 2008 and 2011.

The survey breaks down library services into three broad categories: the print and online resources the Library provides, the Library staff and the physical building itself. It also allows users to prioritize the Library’s services to let us know what they most care about which helps the Library plan for the future. Your input is very important, and past surveys have been used to improve and add services in the Library.

For instance, in response to past surveys the Library has:

  • Installed sound-deadening panels and doors to 2nd floor stacks and study areas to control noise
  • Improved access to its online, full-text articles and databases
  • Targeted the print collections in several disciplines to be updated and expanded
  • Enhanced article delivery services by scanning print and microform articles and emailing them to users
  • Expanded and improved its e-book and streaming video collections
  • Upgraded seating and lighting in several parts of the Library
  • Designated the Very Quiet Area on the second floor for silent study

 Those who took the previous surveys may notice that the new version is much shorter. The Library is using the new LibQUAL Lite version which takes the average person only five minutes to finish, down from ten minutes from the full version. The Library hopes that the shorter survey will mean more people will complete it.

Emails reminders will still be sent out to a random selection of students, but the Library is promoting the survey with posters and flyers, inviting everyone to participate, not just those selected. It is very important to get as many people as possible to take the survey. Different groups of users have different needs and the more responses we get, the better we are able to understand how, for instance, history majors view the Library compared to Nursing majors. Generally, the different Colleges and Departments have different needs, and the Library strives to serve everyone.

Whether they use the Library every day or not at all, students who complete the survey will be eligible to enter to win one of two iPad Minis. For more information about the survey, including the results from past years, or to take the survey and help make the Cheng Library even greater, go to

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