WPU Students Rave Over “Walking Dead”

The Walking Dead, AMC’s blockbuster zombie show has built its audience each year beginning with 5.4 million viewers during its premiere episode in October 2010, to 7.3 million in the Season Two premiere, to 10.9 million in its Season 3 premiere to 16.1 million in its Season Four premiere.On Sunday the show continued that trend when 17.3 million viewers tuned into for the fifth season’s premiere, according to screenrant.com.

The Walking Dead is based on the comic book series written by Robert Kirkman. The story is about a group of survivors, led by police officer Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), searching for a safe place to survive a zombie apocalypse. Over time, the characters change because of their constant exposure to death, leaving many willing to do just about anything to survive a world full of zombies, or as the show calls them, Walkers.

A noticeable theme in the first episode of season five seems to be that people being a key danger, such as a group of cannibals at a location called Terminus and a group of people known as The Wolves being a key danger, introduced more during the last few episodes of season five, preparing for season six.

Photo courtesy of dailydead.com

Photo courtesy of dailydead.com

“When they got into Alexandria, it was insane,” said Anthony Vargas, a Communication major. “Tensions were rising as Rick began losing his mind after seeing domestic violence.”

He’s describing the scene in the episode “Try” during season five when Rick pulled out his gun at the citizens of Alexandria. While his gun was out, he began pointing the gun at the citizens and yelling that nobody understood the situation, referring to their decision making in a world of Walkers.

“One of the best scenes was the first scene in the finale with Morgan (played by Lennie James) because it shows how far he’s come as a survivor since the last time Rick saw him in the first season,” said Vargas. “Viewers see how good Morgan is with surviving and how he goes about his day, even though his son died in a past season. It’s great to see his character develop even if you see him once every few seasons.”

While some students enjoyed the season, others felt that there was a big difference between the comic book adaptation and the television adaptation.

“I believe the first two seasons were the better ones because it was more of an intro,” said Justin Ramirez, a computer science major. “The comics aren’t like this season, and I wished the show would have stayed on the same path. I don’t hate it, built I wish it was like the comics.”

Some students loved certain characters getting the spotlight again, one in particular being Carol.

“I loved how Carol (Melissa McBride) finally came back,” said Francis Muyald, an education major. Carol made a stunning entrance coming back in this season when she saved the group from the cannibals at Terminus.

“It was great to also see Carl because he’s known as the boy who grew up in the apocalypse,” he said. “I also loved seeing Rick lose his mind. This season was tastefully done.”

Overall, all the students agreed that Rick and Morgan’s interactions are going to be interesting to see in the next season, as well as where they stand now. While waiting for the next season, be sure to tune in to the spin-off of The Walking Dead, called Fear The Walking Dead, which is set to premiere on AMC sometime this summer.

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