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What Do WPU Students Enjoy About Warm Weather?

With warm weather just around the corner, many students on campus are excited about all the things they can do, whether it be new outfit choices or the possible daily activities available now thanks to the warmer weather.

Aurea Jane De Leon, a public health major, said that the reason she is excited for warm weather is because, “Flat shoes on, capris on, and heavy jackets finally off!”

Melanie Marie, a pop music major and theater minor, is also looking forward to shedding her winter wear.

“Definitely excited about not wearing socks!” she said. “I want sandals and spring dresses.”

Many students love the fact that there’s so much nature around them. According to William Paterson University’s official website, the campus has about 370 wooded acres in Wayne and North Haledon. The campus also happens to be just three miles from the historic Great Falls in Paterson.

“I am ready to get back to hiking and have lunch outside in sandal,” said, Leann C. Ostrow, a musical studies major.

“I’m excited to see the great scenery and nature on campus!” said Taylor Madison, a communication major. It’s really beautiful in the spring here at Willy P.”

Warm weather influences people to get up and go when it’s nice outside, which is probably why many students are willing to stay outdoors rather than staying in their dorms if they live on campus.

Alyssa Lecaros, a communication major, said that she enjoys, “Being able to eat, study and do homework outside.”

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