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Nursing Student: “My Major Gives My Life Purpose”

Walking energetically along the campus of William Paterson University, Nicole Fittizzi looks like any other ordinary college student with books in hand. Anyone who knows Fittizzi, however, would say she is anything but ordinary.

Fittizzi is dedicated to her work as a senior in the nursing program.

“I’ve learned and grown a lot within the program,” she says, “The professors in clinical have taught me so much, that I’ve been contemplating eventually teaching clinical some day myself.”

“I have a passion for helping people and the medical field interests me, they go hand in hand.”

When she’s not studying, the 21-year-old works at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood as a business associate, answering phones, inputting orders and data into the computer, filing papers in each patient’s chart and assisting the nurses and doctors. She also spends her time volunteering and keeping herself in shape at her local gym or outdoors.

“My job and hobbies give my life purpose and keep me happy,” says Fittizzi.

She describes herself as a highly motivated, positive and kind person who lives by her favorite quote: “Live in a way that if someone spoke poorly of you, no one would believe it.”

After graduation, she hopes to work in critical care nursing or in a neonatal intensive care unit with newborns. What she wants most in life, she says, is to be a mother one day.

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