Campus News

University Commons Says Goodbye to Burger King and Hello to Billy Bear Grill

By Marafi Mohamad

Staff Writer

Goodbye Burger King, WP Deli and Sbarro.

Hello Billy Bear Grill, SubConnection and Pioneer Pizza!

William Paterson University kicked off the fall 2015-2016 year with new restaurants and new menus at existing eateries in the food court. In addition, students will find healthier options in Wayne Dining Hall, according to dining services director Michael Forstoffrer.

The initial student response has been encouraging, said Forstoffrer.

“After the first week of service we have seen dramatic increases in revenue from the Billy Bear Grill and Pioneer Pizza. These areas are being well received from the student body,” he said.

The food courts, located in the Machuga Student Center, have a variety of updated menu selections, while in the dining hall there is a new demonstration table where food is freshly cut, sautéed and carved to the student’s specifications, according Forstoffrer.

“We developed a new concept called Pioneer Burgers and Pizza, which is the new pizza program all across campus. You can have it delivered to your dorm and it is available at Pioneer Pizza Shop where the Sbarro used to be,” he said. In addition, the pizza is available in Valley Road and the dining halls.

Burger King was replaced with Billy Bear Grill, the WP Deli was replaced with SubConnection and Sbarro was replaced with Pioneer Pizza; those are main changes that took place in the food court.

“Changes at these restaurants and different menus were not meeting the satisfaction of the students and surveys and polls were conducted throughout the year to determine the student needs and wants for the food court,” said Forstoffrer in an email.

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