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Justin Bieber’s Purpose, the Review

By Kasey Seifried

Staff Writer

Everyone knows that a comeback album is one of the most important moves in a musician’s career; it can make or break them. Justin Bieber has been a household name since the early 2000s, but over the last few years it hasn’t been for any reason remotely musical, until now. Bieber released his comeback album, Purpose, on Nov.13 and from the sounds of it, Bieber is going to stick around for a while.

This album is Bieber’s first without any traces of teen pop and is clearly his transition into adulthood, touching upon adult-like problems (mainly his recent breakup with and heartache over Selena Gomez). Purpose takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions starting with the first single, the feel good anthem of the summer What Do You Mean? followed by Sorry. The singles quickly shot up in the charts with their house-like feel and catchy hooks, leaving all listeners with it stuck in their heads. The Feeling quickly became one of my favorites on the album, where Bieber and featured artist Halsey take us on a vivid, slightly trippy journey through the intensity of a crush.

But, it’s the newly released single Love Yourself, that I’ve been hooked on since my first listen. Right now, it’s every millennial’s new anthem, working as a big F.U. to your ex, or anyone really; and if it’s one thing millennials love, it’s a good way to tell someone to f*** off.

I was not a fan of Bieber, for the sake of my reputation in the music community and because he was a whiney brat in both his music and in reality, however, this album has certainly changed my views for the time being. So, go listen to this in the car on the way home, not loud enough that anyone can hear you, but loud enough that you can sing along because you’ll want to.

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