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MLB Player Retires Amid Controversy Over His Son

By Nicholas Insinga

Staff Writer

On March 15, Chicago White Sox player Adam LaRoche, suddenly decided to retire after the president of the team, Ken Williams, asked him to limit his 14- year-old son’s time in the team facilities.

In doing so, LaRoche, 35, walked away from the $13 million he would have made for the 2016 season.

The reaction from many people in and out of the sports world has been mixed. Some have publically shown support for LaRoche’s decision, while others think it is ridiculous to bring a child to a place of work, especially one like Major League Baseball where money is as important as it is.

The controversy continued when supporters suggested that if LaRoche was a better statistical and more high-profile playes, this wouldn’t be an issue. For example, if LaRoche was the caliber player that Derek Jeter was, would have ever been brought up?

What if LaRoche was an All-Star player instead of an aging DH? Would this still be an issue?

What if LaRoche wasn’t owed $13 million coming off the worst statistical year of his career?

These “what if” questions have been brought to the attention of those who don’t favor children in the clubhouse every day, but “what if” these questions were asked the other way around?

What if every player on the team with kids wanted to bring his children to the team facilities every day? Would teams have to build day care centers?

The simple fact of the matter is that there aren’t any jobs where parents can bring their children every day.

We are talking about Major League Baseball, which had a total gross revenue of nearly $10 billion in 2015. Children do not belong in a locker room where men shower, change their clothes, and possibly engage in some inappropriate conversation. This can make the players, who the owner pays millions of dollars to play to help his or her business do well, very uncomfortable. It is a controversial situation that can be easily avoidable.

If you want children to be present during a professional baseball team’s practices and games then the answer is simple, buy your own team and make your own rules. But for now, follow the owner’s request and just go out there and play baseball.


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