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WPU Fashion Show

By Guiselle Rubio

Staff Writer

The members of Delta Phi Epsilon organized a fashion show on March 9 in honor of Women’s History Month that celebrated not only fashion, but self-esteem, self-image as well.

“I wanted this show to be more than just clothing, but to also teach people about the eating disorders that effect people every day,” said Vanessa Rios, the president of the sorority who coordinated the show.

The entrance to Ballroom A of the University Commons room featured a big poster with pictures of women from the sorority. Beneath each photo was written the feature that they best liked about themselves. On the back of each audience member’s chair was a piece of paper with a quote for inspiration such as, “Knowing I am worth it,” and “I love myself & always see the bright side of everything.”

The show started with a small catwalk that introduced all the models, male and female, wearing casual attire. After the first catwalk, Rios played a video that she made herself. The video consisted of the women from the sorority each holding a piece of paper that said what they were most insecure about, but then they ripped up the paper and brought out another piece of paper that said what they liked the most about themselves.

Following the video, the models came out wearing clothes from the ‘90s. The new members of the sorority came on stage after the ‘90s catwalk and talked about eating disorders, such as anorexia, bulimia, purging, and others. The women also spoke about treatments for these diseases and where people can go for help like for example the ANAD, The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders.

The remainder of the show featured models in spring wear and also “work it wear,” which consisted of them wearing nightlife attire. Before ending the show, Rios played a video of two young men doing a poetry slam on body image.

“This fashion show was definitely something worth going to. Everyone has insecurities, and I think this fashion show helped people understand that it is okay to have insecurities,” said Amanda Cordova, 20, of Wayne. “But what really is important is how you see yourself and that you like the person you see in the mirror.”

This was one of the many events that has been going on during Women’s History Month. The Department of Women’s Gender and Studies hosted a workshop for the empowered image body hosted by Prof. Danielle Walker.

The workshop began with an open discussion allowing the students to talk about what they believe body image really is. The discussion allowed students to express themselves freely without any judgement. After the discussion, Walker asked the students to write a letter to a friend who has been bullied due to his or her body image. Little did the students know, the letters they were writing were actually for themselves.

“This is the letter you will look at when you feel upset, or neglected. These are the words you will tell yourself on your weakest days,” said Walker.

After the letter, Walker asked the students to make a vision board using cut outs from magazines. The students were to cut pieces of out magazines to create a poster of what they think body image says to them.

“This was my first time coming to a workshop so I didn’t really know what to expect. This workshop helped me realize my own value as a person,” said Willie Leonard, 21, of Paterson. “It showed me that I shouldn’t care what people think of me, but instead what I think about myself.”

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