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“Bible Talk” May Be Next Campus Club

By Daniel Maldonado

Staff Writer

A unique sound emanated from a large room on the second floor of the Machuga Student Center. Loud, cheerful music broke through the closed doors and flooded the hallways.

“If you’ve got pain, he’s a pain taker,” students sang. “If you feel lost, he’s a way maker.”

The dozens of voices belonged to the members of Bible Talk, a group of conservative students who come together for Bible study sessions and conversations about Christian values, such as the importance of staying abstinent and thinking pure thoughts.

Members said the group has become a crucial source of support and helped them form spiritual bonds with fellow students who feel more like family members.

Members are awaiting word on whether William Paterson will recognize Bible Talk as an official club. For now, they are hosting movie nights on campus and holding Sunday meetings at Clifton High School.

They are even trying to recruit more members at Montclair State University.

“In order to grow spiritually you have to have people around you that will push you in your faith,” explained sophomore Matt Ruppert, one of the group’s members.

Another member, sophomore Marc Pershing, said that Bible Talk members push each other to move forward in faith amid the daily stresses of student life.

“It’s exciting to see new members come in and show how passionate they are in their beliefs given the kind of society we live in,” he said.

Members are excited about the progress they are making so far. “We just recently heard that the group passed the first stage to become a club,” said member Brielle Chamberlain. “It’s a really exciting time for us.”

The group hopes to gain their official club status as well as a larger meeting place as they grow. “We’ve been meeting in whatever room we can find in the student center or University Hall,” said one member.   “I’m ready to see our group expand and hopefully be a light at William Paterson.”

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