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Election Sparks Rallies on Campus

By Daniel Maldonado

Staff Writer

The presidential election caused a heated debate during a recent class at William Paterson University.

The topic slowly made its way into conversation. Students were divided on who would be a better candidate for the United States of America.

History major, Michael Tecza listened as corruption, sexual harassment and equal rights were passionately discussed.

While some students showed enthusiasm for the debate, others showed concern for the outcome. Overall, the room was filled with many different opinions and emotions.

The current election raised many questions for citizens in the United States. Among the most concerned is the LGBTQ community.

A report from “The Advocate” has shown an increase in calls to crisis hotlines such as The Trans Lifeline and The Trevor Project. The report stated that those who called showed anxiety about the outcome of the election and what it could mean for their future.

Despite being called an LGBTQ friendly Republican candidate, President-elect Donald Trump and his running mate Mike Pence have shown the desire to repeal the Affordable Care Act. If repealed it can result to the discrimination of LGBTQ employees.

In the days following the election, WPU President Kathleen Waldron reassured students that the campus is a safe space for everyone. She stated that students are encouraged to express themselves and that privacy is a top priority.

Along with classroom debates, students expressed their political views in rallies throughout campus. As students gathered in Zanfino Plaza to protest President-elect Donald Trump chants filled the air, “He’s not our president”. As one freshman student recalled, it was a tense atmosphere.

The rallies, election and discourse surrounding it all have made an impression on the WPU community.

If students need someone to talk to there are many people who can help. The LGBTQ community on campus is offering guidance to students questioning themselves and allies during this time.

Students who need someone to talk to about the election outcome or those questioning their sexual identity can also go to the university’s counseling center for guidance.


Photo courtesy of William Paterson University.

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