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From Boy Band to Biography

By Gabriel Jorge

Staff Writer

The date March 25 2015, may be the worst day in history for the One Direction fandom.

It was the day former band member Zayn Malik decided to part ways. Confusion, heartbreak and rage washed over the fandom as they witnessed one of the world’s most popular boy band deteriorate.

The reason for Malik leaving the band was not clear at the time. The fandom did not know what to believe since what they were told and what actually happened was coming from two deferent sides of the spectrum.

After Malik’s departure from the band, the world wondered what project Malik would turn his perfectly defined cheekbones to next.

The obvious was a solo album, or a title switch to executive producer, or even a half-naked GQ photoshoot. We prayed for a Britney-style circa 2007 meltdown or better yet, a drunk voicemail in which Malik told off one of his bandmates.

But you know what they say, when God closes a door, he opens a book?

Almost two years later, on November 1, 2016, Malik, the 23-year-old from Bradford, UK released his first self-titled semi-autobiographical book, Zayn. Taking notes from Kim Kardashian’s Selfish, Zayn, with its nearly 300 glossy pages, features photoshoots of Malik at play, at work and at rest.

It is almost like a perfectly curated scrapbook put together by One Direction obsessed fan. For those hoping for a One Direction tell-all, do not hold your breath. It does not seem like one is coming our way any time soon.

However Malik’s discusses the band alo ng briefly and opens up about sex and his struggles with anxiety and an eating disorder. Malik’s  anxiety attacks became headlines after one lead him to cancel a performance at Wembly Stadium.

Like the rumors that he’s a misogynist. Malik explained how lucky he was to be working with a new management company run by a whole team of women who made him feel secure and supported.

“I was always brought up to respect women, both my parents instilled that in me, and in my experience women have been the most intelligent, peaceful, and positive influences in my life,” he wrote. I” don’t want to generalize too much, but definitely in my experience, I’ve found the whole macho world of male aggression and insecurity to be a lot more difficult to exist in.”

Malik also wrote about being misdiagnosed as ADHD.

“Labeling a kid with ADHD, or whatever, can help identify solutions for some, but it can have a negative solution for some, but it can have a negative effect on others,” he explained. “With hindsight, I think my hyperactive-type personality stemmed from the fact that I couldn’t find anything creative to get passionate about.”

When it comes to One Direction, Malik reflected on the fun times he shared with the band. Before going on X Factor, he had never flown a plane so his bandmates decided to mess with him before his first flight.

“I was really nervous about it, and it didn’t help when the boys thought it would be hilarious to convince me that the plane would do a loop-the-loop after we took off,” wrote Malik. “I nearly shit myself.”

This is certainly not the Great American Novel and he might have not written it but much like Zayn himself, the book is light on the words but wonderful to look at.



Photo courtesy of Zayn Malik’s Instagram

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