Campus News

“Bible Talk” Officially a Campus Club

By Daniel Maldonado 

Staff Writer

A smattering of students sat in a classroom tucked away on the second floor of University Hall, holding their first meeting as an official club. Mark Pershing stepped to the front of the room.

“I know we all come from different backgrounds and we have different opinions,” he said. “But I want to know what you guys think of when you hear these words.”

This was the last meeting of the semester for Bible Talk, once a group of friends meeting in dorms and study rooms talking about the Bible and now an official club at William Paterson.

Backed by World Hope International, a Christian group dedicated to helping those in poverty, the William Paterson group is just one of many in the network across campuses in North Jersey.

Now that the group is an official club, the students hope to expand their reach to meet more students by hosting many more activities on campus.

While addressing the club, Pershing talked about the future of the club and what members can expect in the coming semester. The main goal of the club is to serve the community. Many of the activities planned are based on helping those in need of food, water and shelter in neighboring areas such as Paterson. They also wish to assist communities where World Hope has connections in Africa. Pershing said he wants the club to be the change they want to see and that hopefully they will make a positive impact on the communities they help.

The club is made of two parts: the discussion among members and the work they do in the community. Pershing distinguished the two and stated that the discussions are for students interested in learning about God while the community work is for anyone who wants to help, regardless of whether they are religious.

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