Campus News

Holiday Shopping? Head to the Bookstore

By Deirdre St. John

Staff Writer

On a snowy afternoon, Christmas music played in the William Paterson University bookstore. Patricia Alele, a finance management major, stood at the cash register, singing and dancing.

According to Alele, many WPU students do their holiday shopping at the campus bookstore for friends and family.

“Somebody spent almost $100 and I was like what is all that for and they told me that their whole family has to have William Paterson spirit,” Alele said.

Campus bookstore employees like Alele receive a store discount. This can come unnamed-3in handy for their holiday shopping.

“Heck yeah, I do get an employee discount,” Alele said. “This Christmas I have to get a couple sweatshirts and a couple of pajama pants.”

During finals week the campus bookstore hums with festive music as students come in and out with lots of shopping bags and no more money left to spend on their Pioneer Express Cards.

“Students come towards the end of the semester, when there’s only a few days left before we go into winter break,” Alele said. “Also, they come during finals week because they want to finish their Pioneer Money.”

According to WPU students and faculty, the campus has good quality apparel and great gifts for all loved ones.

“They literally have anything there for all types of people,” said Megan Maida, a sophomore majoring in public health. “They have ‘Star Wars’-themed William Paterson shirts and I thought that would be a perfect gift for my dad since he is a ‘Star Wars’ fanatic.”

Maida and William Hemeleski, the textbook manager, said the WPU campus bookstore sells quality apparel from brand name items including Under Armour, Champion and Nike.

unnamed         Vanessa Olivera and her mother, Jane Olivera, came all the way from Long Island, because they are searching for the perfect university for Vanessa to attend. They also left the campus bookstore with a couple of bags of items.

“I feel like everyone last minute shops, even if they try not to,” Maida said. “But, they should not be judged because no one knows if that persons’ week or month led up to a certain occasion which meant they couldn’t buy a present ahead of time.”

On the other hand, Ivana Cadavid, an undeclared major, said she would shop last minute because she has to save up to buy holiday gifts for her friends and family. She expressed a very sound reason: She is broke.


Photos credit: Deirdre St. John

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