WPU Seniors Looking Forwards

By Gabriel Jorge

Staff Writer

Sitting in his office at the Brave New Radio station in Hobart Hall, Eric Shawn Dargis looked frantically between two computer screens. He was working on his capstone project, due just three days later.

image1-2     Dargis glanced at other students around him. “Don’t leave everything for the last second like I did,” he said. “Don’t do what I did!”

The final examination period marks the end of the college careers of many William Paterson University students. With graduation inching closer, seniors are faced with that dreaded question: Do you have a job lined up?

“I’ve been applying to a lot of jobs,” said Alex Valentino, a public relations major. “But I don’t have one definitely set up yet.”

This is the last semester at WPU for Dargis and Valentino. They are set to graduate this spring and will attend their commencement ceremony this May.

Valentino, 21, has completed five internships with companies such as PR Revolution and “The Dr. Oz Show.” She has acquired numerous recommendations from her employers as well as work samples that she hopes will give her an advantage.

Dargis, who is also 21, has interned for Comedy Central. But unlike Valentino, Dargis, a media production major, has gathered most of his experience from his involvement on campus.

He is a program director at Brave New Radio, WPU’s award-winning student-run radio station. Dargis has also been a social media consultant for WPU’s student-run Twitter account @TwillyP and co-hosted the WPTV-6 show “Late Night with James Nuzzon & Eric Dargis.”

Dargis said he believes that getting as much experience in your field as you can before graduating cannot hurt, but he recommended that the experience come from somewhere other than just the campus.

“It’s good in here,” Dargis said. “But try to branch out during your junior and senior year. Don’t let this be your only outlet.”

Dargis is looking for work in multimedia platforms or TV programming. He said he hopes to land a job by February. In the meantime, he plans to keep working at ShopRite.

“If things don’t start working out, I’m considering internships again,” Dargis said.

image1.JPG     Valentino said her main goal is to work in the entertainment industry or a firm that deals mostly with the media. She is looking for work in the tristate area.
“My advice for students who are almost done with college would be not to worry about getting the ideal or perfect job right out of college,” Valentino said. “Most of my professors and bosses have told me that their first jobs out of college weren’t always the fanciest, but those were the ones that taught them the most in their career. So, don’t stress.”



Photos credit: Eric Shawn Dargis and Alex Valentino respectively

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