From Momma’s Boy to Momma’s Bye

By Mariah Diaz

Web Editor

Momma’s Boy closed their doors for good over the winter break, packing up and leaving William Paterson University students with one less restaurant that takes Pioneer Express.

A “for rent” sign now hangs in the door of the circular eatery. Located on the corner of Hamburg Turnpike and Pompton Road, closed without warning and was one of the few places off campus that accepted Pioneer Express, a form of payment through student ID cards.

Being college students with already limited food choices, Momma’s Boy closing down has limited options even further.

“I loved their food. It was so easy to just get out of class and take the walk off campus to momma-credit-photo-to-youdontknowjersey-comget food. It was great because I got to eat a good lunch and got to use my Pioneer,” said Jaquillha Longstreet, a William Paterson University student.

The owner of the building said “They just went out of business. I don’t know why, and I don’t want to be involved. I just want to rent out my building.”

He could not relay any further information about the restaurant’s closing and would not supply the past owner’s contact information.

However, a WPU student used to work for Momma’s Boy was able to relay some information about his experience working there.

“Working there was definitely a learning experience because I never worked in a fast food place till then,” said Mark Campbell-Vincent, former Momma’s Boy employee. “At first, it was a little difficult since I was training. The boss had a temper, so I learned to do things right the first time.”

Campbell-Vincent said that despite the temper, the manager was still a good boss. He noted that his boss really cared about his business and would get frustrated because he wanted things to run as smoothly as possible.

“Business was pretty good. We had days when it was empty but also days when the place was full,” said Campbell-Vincent. “Customers liked the food and shakes.”

Campbell-Vincent heard about the restaurant closing from a former co-worker but did not know the reasoning for it.

Now that a competitor has closed down, is Brother Bruno’s making more money?

“I haven’t really noticed a difference,” said WPU student and current Brother Bruno’s employee Shivaanee Shah. “We’re always busy or having a good flow of customers in and out of here.”


Feature photo courtesy of Momma’s Boy’s website.

Photo courtesy of


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