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Do You Feel Safe?

By: Julian Guilarte – Pioneer Times Reporter

Since the 2000’s there has been over 40 campus shootings, with a memorable moment taking place in 2007 when 23 people were killed at the University of Virginia Tech. In all of these shootings lives were lost. It is important to prevent this from happening at William Paterson University.

Anyone can walk around the campus and find themselves let in by the automatic doors at the student center. All of the buildings on campus do not have an active member of security on duty.

“ I feel there should be at least one security guard in each building at all times, and students are paying to learn and should feel safe at all times,” explained Bobby Thompson, broadcast journalism major.

This does not just pertain to the classrooms, but also the residential halls where students reside. There is currently one unarmed student who watches those who come in and out of the dorms.

“ I feel that safety is more important now than it ever has been and we must make sure that the Woman who attend this school are protected from predators while they are going to class, the student center or their dorm room,” said Raul Ramos, Spanish teacher.

On the other hand some people feel that we are safe because of the proximity of the William Paterson Police. The furthest the Police would have to travel is five minutes to Valley Road which is where the Cotsakos College of Business is located. At the business campus there is one member of security which is always present to maintain the safety of the students.

“I feel that the security at the business campus is sufficient and I always feel safe while attending class because the campus security is so close by,” stated Steven Forzani, graduate student.

Students may be wondering how the security at William Paterson compares to the security of other schools in the area.  A student who transferred from Bergen Community College had positive feedback on the situation.

“The security here is better than it was back at Bergen, and the police are way more active at William Paterson, in Bergen there was no security or police anywhere to be on campus,” said James Gordon, physical therapy major.

Even though there is a lot of uncertainty, it is nice to know there is a system in place at William Paterson University.





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