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Intramural Sports

By: Ibn Hasan – Reporter

Intramural sports have become a big deal around college campuses. People come together for recreational activities such as basketball, soccer, dodgeball, and more. It provides a great opportunity to meet others and compete. Not only are you able to play your favorite sport and form new friendships, competing in intramural sports can be a learning activity as well. Sportsmanship, team building skills, and competitiveness can all be learned from participating in these events.

William Paterson has a few intramural sports competitions coming up. To compete, students must register at the Recreation Center on the dates provided.

Intramural outdoor soccer entry date is Sunday, March 19th. To participate students, have to pay $3 each.

Intramural softball entry date is Sunday, March 26th. The participation fee is $3 per person as well.

This is a way to clear your head of school work and interact with fellow Pioneers. Form a team, sign up, and compete for ultimate bragging rights on campus.


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