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Makers Day Comes to William Paterson

By: Julian Guilarte – Reporter

New Jersey Makers Day strengthens community engagement through educational exercises for children and will be making its debut at William Paterson tomorrow March 24 at the Valley Road Café from 3:30-6:30 p.m.


“This is the first year that William Paterson and the College of Education have participated in this event. The statewide event began in 2015 and has gotten bigger every year,” said Ellen Pozzi, director of the Cheng Library media specialist program.


Makers Day provides educational opportunities for children that emphasize hands on learning experiences such as building robots with Lego’s WeDo construction set.


The event aims to build strong connections for children to learn while having fun. Activities include coding/ programming, video editing, bloxes, circuit, quilting and math, Pozzi said.


Maker’s Day has gained a lot of traction in a short period of time, and is now being hosted in every county in New Jersey with over 10,000 people participating in 281 sites, according to a press release by New Jersey Senator Cory Booker.


Pozzi brought this event to William Paterson and is coordinating it with Heejun An, the head of the Early Child Education Department.


William Paterson welcomes students, faculty, and professors from local schools to take part in Maker’s Day to learn about makerspace projects and apply them in their future lesson plans.


Makers Day invites other universities, schools, and libraries to become participating sites and host the event.










NJ Makers Day logo from  Ellen Pozzi.gif

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