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Brave-athon and Vinylathon Bring Live Music and Vinyl Tunes to the Air Waves

By: Todd Evans – Copy Editor

Award-winning Brave New Radio will be broadcasting the 9th annual Brave-athon, a fundraising and live music event, and the second annual Vinylthon, a vinyl music celebration, this weekend at Hobart Hall in celebration of College Radio Day.

Brave-athon begins at 9 a.m. on Friday, April 21 with a different local band or artist performing live every hour for 15 hours. Following, Vinylthon will be hosted on Saturday, April 22 where only vinyl record  music will be played for the entire day.

The events were started by the William Paterson University headquartered College Radio Day Foundation to promote college radio and the often overlooked vinyl record medium in the current age of digital music files.

“Vinylthon makes sense because college radio is still probably the only remaining medium that regularly plays music on vinyl,” said General Manager Dr. Rob Quicke. “A lot of college students still buy vinyl at record stores and then bring them to the studio to play them on the air.”

This year’s Vinylthon will unite more than 60 college radio stations across the nation with some playing 24 hours of vinyl music.

“We want to remind everyone that for many of us, vinyl is still very important,” Quicke explained. “Before computer algorithms and commercially-driven streaming services there was college radio. And we passionately believe that we are still the best musical curators out there.”

Listeners also have the chance to win autographed posters, limited edition t-shirts and concert tickets throughout the broadcasts.

Brave-athon lineupbraveathon 2012, credit Josh Pomponio

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