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Students Balk at Pricy iPhones


Students at William Paterson University are reluctant to purchase Apple’s latest iPhone 8 and X despite their good reviews.

Apple always generates a substantial amount of excitement after announcing its latest innovations, but the iPhone 8 and X’s features and prices do not attract the students at WPU.

According to CNET writer, Jessica Dolcourt, there are seven ways the iPhone X copies Android phones: no home button, slim bezels and edge-to-edge screen, larger screen size, OLED screen display, wireless charging, unlocking phone with your face, and optical image stabilization on two rear cameras.

“I think it’s stupid, they’re just a fad, overrated,” said Michele Ciz, 22, a senior and public relations major. “It’s basically all the old versions of the Galaxy put into one.”


The iPhone X, scheduled for release on Nov. 3, will retail for $999.                                  Photo courtesy of Apple. 

Consumers who opt for Android rather than Apple do so for a common reason – versatility and freedom, while Apple users benefit from simplicity and a user-friendly experience.

“The iPhone 5 is my first smartphone, I like the size, it’s easier to hold,” says Jessica Ihle, 23, a first-year graduate student in professional counseling.

“I have two phones for convenience,” said Renato La Torre, 18, a freshman and a psychology major. “I can do more with Android, while iPhone is user-friendly and I like its appeal and simplicity.”

Interesting is the financial concerns regarding the iPhone X’s price, which starts at $999 and is due for release Nov 3.

“X price is insane,” exclaimed Ihle. “I would constantly be nervous about breaking it.”

“Although they have fanboys, not everyone can afford the X,” Ciz said.

“I have no interest in Apple products, the price is too much, more of a status symbol.” said Alec Buccino, 23, an education and history major. “Apple is a closed platform, Samsung offers freedom and option.”

According to Forbes writer, Tim Worstall, iOS is a closed system and apps are only obtainable from Apple’s Apps Store. Worstall noted that the Android is much more open to multiple sources, which allow Androids to load software from anywhere.

The iPhone X is equipped with features distinct from the iPhone 8 and earlier models of the iPhone. According to Forbes writer, Gordon Kelly, the screen is significantly larger, has a relatively new exterior design, includes facial identification, a new iOS 11 system, has advanced photographic capabilities, quick wireless charging and is an overall more powerful innovative machine.

“The iPhone X is a whole new generation,” said La Torre. “But I feel it’ll have problems.”

Many students at WPU believe these features do not justify the retail price of the iPhone X and express a sense of skepticism.

“I don’t see the logic in getting a new iPhone when features are taken away,” says Daniel Leedy, 21, a senior and public relations major. “No aux cord, no headphone jack, they’re trying to make money off including an adapter.”

The iPhone 8, which was officially released on Sept 22, retails for $699 for 64GB and rises to $849 for 256GB. The iPhone 8 can save you a couple hundred dollars, but students would rather opt out of investing in either the iPhone 8 or X.

Those who decided not to dish out $999 for the next iPhone X had better places to spend that money if they had it.

“I’d save it towards future expenses, towards my wedding,” Ihle said. “I’m engaged.”

“I can use it for bill money, car payment, buy four phones and flip em’,” Leedy said. “I can do this all day.”

“I’d go shopping, buy make-up, clothes, save it towards college, a road trip,” said Crystalrose Perez, 19, a sophomore and business management major, “It’s just a necessity, unless my phone breaks in half, I’ll upgrade.”


Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 7.42.26 PM.png

The iPhone 8 has a 12MP camera and optical image stabilization.                                                  Photo courtesy of Apple.





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