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Getting Your First Internship Doesn’t Need to be Scary

By Dan Popoloski — 

When getting your first job or internship, it’s important to get started early, and build up the skills you’ve developed.

Victoria Nauta, the associate director of Employee Relations at the Career Development Center understands that the process can be intimidating. However, she doesn’t think that’s anything to be afraid of.

“It doesn’t need to be hard to get your first internship,” Nauta said. “As long as you plan early enough it shouldn’t be too hard.”

She thinks that the best way to get started with your first internship is to stack up on extracurricular school activities. After that, you can piece together a resume specifically geared towards your dream job utilizing the skills you developed through those activities, any job you’ve had in the past, or even past school projects.

“We’re here to help build resumes,” Nauta said of the career center. “We want to help students land their job or internship.”  

It’s best to get your resume put together as soon as possible. In fact, Nauta believes that you can’t be early enough when preparing for jobs and internships. Even freshmen are encouraged to come to the Career Development Center to get things started.

After you’ve boosted your resume with an internship, it’s important to not stop there. Having at least two under your belt upon graduation is best.

“Even if you don’t get an internship by the time you graduate, it’s not the end of the road,” Nauta said. “But you’re chances are improved the more you have.”

Still don’t even know what your dream job or major is? The center can help with that as well. They provide assessments of skills and interests to help students find the career that best suits them.

The best way to contact the Career Development Center is to give them a call at their front desk and set up an appointment. When it comes to finding your first internship or your third, the sooner you start, the better.

Career Development Center

Student Center 301


Monday-Friday: 8:30-4:30

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