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Diaries Said to Hide Marital Truths, But Are They ‘Fiction?’


Secrets will be revealed during the production  of “Fiction” this weekend at William Paterson University.

The play, written by Steven Dietz, revolves around a happily married couple, Michael and Linda Waterman, and Michael’s old mistress, Abby Drake. This past affair begins to cause turmoil in Michael’s marriage when his wife is diagnosed with a tumor. She asks her husband if he’ll share his diaries with her.

While reading his dairies, Linda finds out about the mistress, but Michael claims that the writing in his dairies are fictional. As Linda struggles to believe this, Michael uncovers secrets hidden in Linda’s diary.

“The play moves backwards and forwards in time and traces how the lives of three people intertwine at various points in not always desirable ways,” said Jerry Beal, a professor in the communication department at WPU and the director of “Fiction.”

Beal said that the reason he chose this play is because it is rich, and very theatrical, with three strong roles. The three cast members in the play are all students at the university.

Jennette Firriolo, is a senior who plays the terminally ill Linda Waterman in the production.

“[Linda] is an author who prize’s herself on her writing,” Firriolo said. “She’s witty and headstrong while dealing with the situations she’s presented with.”

A main issue that will be presented during the play is the destruction of trust, according to CJ von Essen, a junior who plays Michael. He describes his character as stubborn and cynical, but also very loving.

Gina Rajeckas, a junior, has the task of playing the mistress in the production.

“Abby is a strong woman with a very hard exterior,” Rajeckas said. “She’s very hard to win over and may not be well liked by the audience because of her blunt personality.”

In the play, the audience will see how Abby tries to recover from past events in her life and get her story out, Rajeckas said.

What affect will “Fiction” have on people?

“We’ll find out,” Beal said. “Three people who’ve watched rehearsals have been crying.”

“Fiction” is in production at Shea Center for Performing Arts Nov. 18 and Nov. 19. Performance times are 2 p.m. Saturday, and 3 p.m. Sunday. General Admission is $15, and $10 for faculty, staff, students, and senior citizens.

An earlier version of this story misspelled Jennette Firiolo’s name. The Pioneer Times apologizes for the error.

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