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Cheng Library Becomes Second Home to Students During Finals


Students will consider spending the night – in preparation for finals – when Cheng Library’s hours extend to 24/7 Sunday at noon.

The library’s second floor – ideal for silent study – is comfortable, cozy and has little to no distractions. There is a variety of furniture, and private study rooms available to book.

Sleeping in, rather than heading home, seems much more convenient, considering the overwhelming stress caused from mental exertion that is common during finals week, according to Marcelle Reyes, 18, a freshman.

“I live 30 minutes away, so to come back and then go back home, no! I spend most of my time doing work in the study rooms, so sure, why not?” Reyes said.

Students find solace on the second floor and is where they are most often found asleep.

“Honestly, if I had to really prepare for my assignments, like, right now and next week, I’m going to be in a panic and probably living here,” said Syeda Rayhan, 24, a senior and liberal studies major.

As a freshman, Chidi Egesionu, 19, a junior, business major and part-time employee of Cheng Library, would also resort to sleeping at the library during finals week.

“If I was here really late and got tired, I’d take a nap and get back to work.”

There are usually only two professional staff working during overnight hours when the library is open 24 hours for finals week, according to Mark Pawlak, 29, a full-time staff member of lending services at Cheng Library.

There are no rules enforcing whether students can fall asleep in the library, he said.

“If we see people sleeping and it’s not really interfering with anybody, we’ll let them go,” Pawlak said. “If it’s something where they fall asleep and they can be a danger to themselves or an inconvenience to other people, then we would wake them up.”

However, students like Camila Rojas, 21, a junior and psychology major, disagrees with the library sleepers’ location of slumber.

“They need time management,” she said. “You need sleep and if not, you just tend to forget everything, even though you’re here for hours studying. Is it bad? Yes! Would I do it? No!”

The library sleepers may be wasting their time, according to Heidy Diaz, 27, a senior majoring in education.

“I don’t even sleep in class,” she said. “I think they should get that at home.”

(Feature photo taken by Edgar Enriquez.)

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