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Resident students return to dorms with precision


Nearly 2,000 students moved their belongings back to their dorms Jan. 16 for the start of spring semester.

The Residence Life department conducted check-ins from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., guiding residents through the move-in process.

“It’s a three-step process,” explained Collins Ibueze, 20, an Overlook North RA. “When students arrive on campus, they go to the building they live in. We first look for their names on the building sheet and then they fill out a check-in card. Once they filled that out, they hand it over to us. We look over it, approve it, and then they get their IDs coded. After that, they are able to move in their stuff.”

Although the three-step breakdown remains the same, the process for Century Hall, Hillside Hall, White Hall, and Matelson was different due to key distribution.

“We don’t have IDs like the other buildings,” said Tymesha Brown, 21, Hillside Hall resident. “When I moved in, I had to fill out the check-in form, tell the RA my room number, and then they search for it and gave it to me.”

Resident Assistants moved in on Wednesday, Jan. 10 to train and prepare for students’ arrivals.

“We had a couple of things to do before move-in day,” said Sharne Parrish, 21, an Overlook South RA. “As soon as we moved in, we had to start winter training. We learned how to handle different situations and crisis that could happen during spring semester. We also had to make sure our boards were decorated, my floor was in good standing, and the lounges didn’t have broken furniture.”

Desk assistants also checked-in earlier.

“We just have to make sure that people know where to go,” said Cassandra Wojdylak, 19, a Hillside Hall DA. “For this building, we just tell them to go to the gazebo and if people have questions, we’ll answer them or direct them to the RD [Resident Director].”

Although ResLife provided resources and assistance for a successful move-in, the parking process still needed improvement, according to some.

“The difficult part of moving in was trying to get close to my dorm building,” said Chanel Minott, 20, an Overlook North resident. “Everything was blocked off and police officers were redirecting us to parking spaces that was nowhere near my dorm.”

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