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Eagles and Patriots fans on campus, thrilled and depressed by outcome


With William Paterson located in northern New Jersey, you might have thought the atmosphere of this year’s Super Bowl would be on the quiet side on campus given that the Eagles draw supports from southern Jersey, and the Patriots draw from New England.

Yet, there were those on campus who were invested in the game’s outcome Sunday night.

The Philadelphia Eagles met the New England Patriots at Super Bowl LII in Minnesota on Sunday. With the statistics leaning towards the Patriots winning, the Eagles succeeding in this challenge was going to come as a master upset. Senior Dan Leedy believed the Eagles had the edge, and he was right as the Eagles defeated the Patriots 41-33.

“The Eagles have the number one defense overall,” he said. “They have to get to Tom Brady and put pressure on him. This includes keeping the ball out of anyone’s hands that he manages to passes to.

Junior Sean Duprey had a different point of view, one that was driven by his support for the Patriots.

“We have a hall of fame coach who some would consider the greatest coach in football history,” he said. “Bill (Belichick) will not go down without fighting for that very last inch. No one on this team will. They will fight until the very end.”

Some call football another version of a game of chess, other fans wait in anticipation for the fall season, and spend more time on Sundays in front of the television screen and at games then at church. Regardless, if WPU has an abundance of Patriots or Eagles fans, the Super Bowl is something that brings on its own atmosphere.

Senior Grace Brown shared her own opinions about the results of Sunday’s game.

“I don’t follow football much,” she said,  “but my boyfriend is a die-hard patriots fan. Their loss left him speechless Sunday night, and will be something that will affect him until the next season.”


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