WP Left Its “Imprint” on Singer

By Shantel Miller

David W. Jacobsen majored in history at William Paterson, but his music classes made more of an impact.

Jacobsen, who attended William Paterson in 1993 and 1994 before transferring to Rutgers, said that his interactions with music students inspired him to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter that has now spawned a new album, “Imprint.”

“William Paterson has a world-class music department,” Jacobsen said. “The exposure to both the teachers and other students helped drive me to do more with music.”

Isolated during the pandemic, Jacobsen flipped through the pages of his old journals and was struck by how vestiges of his former self still affected him. Jacobsen said he chose the album name “Imprint” because he believes that our pasts continue to shape who we are today.

“The looking back theme came from reading my journals during the boredom of the early 2020 COVID lockdown,” Jacobsen said.

Crafted with honesty about his self-perception and life choices, “Imprint” commences with “Things I’ve Said (Big Mouth Strikes Again),” an introspective message about grappling with his mistakes.

“I often tend not to be so open and personal in my writing, but this works, and I think it’s very relatable,” Jacobsen said.

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