Trump and Clinton Get Huge Victories in New York Primaries

By Nicholas Insinga

Staff Writer

Front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton picked up big wins in the New York Primary on Tuesday, moving closer to claiming their individual party nominations.

According to the New York Times, Trump won with 60 percent of the vote and took home 89 of the 92 possible delegates. Clinton won with 57.7 percent of the vote and received 135 delegates while Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) received 104 for his percentage of votes.

The question that continues to be asked, especially after the results in New York, is do the other candidates not named Trump and Clinton have a chance to win their party’s nomination to compete in November.

“Sure…certainly on the Republican side,” said Mark Effron, a professor at William Paterson University and a former vice president and news director at WPIX-TV, said. “Even with a big Trump win, if he doesn’t get the necessary number of delegates in Cleveland (convention) on the first or second ballot, then there is a real chance.”

But a chance for who?

“Paul Ryan took himself out, but I’m not counting him out,” said Effron, who is teaching Press and the Presidency this semester in the communication department. “Cruz is waiting as the number two vote getter, and I imagine Mitt Romney…and others.”

As for the Democratics, election experts seem to believe Sanders’s chances of securing the presidential nomination are lower in the wake of Tuesday’s results.

Nate Silver, a statistician who specializes in elections and a special correspondent for ABC News, tweeted late Tuesday night that Sanders will need to receive 59 percent percent of the remaining delegates to eliminate his deficit of Clinton. Silver is also the founder of the website FiveThirthyEight.com

Aside from Pennsylvania, Sanders is trailing in the other three states (California, New Jersey, Maryland) with the highest number of delegates remaining, according to Silver’s tweet.

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